Monday, May 31, 2010

From Seven Weeks to Eight Months

Well, I guess I have been slacking on my blog more than I thought! So, let this be the first of a few posts to catch everyone up on our adventures among the lilies.

Our little one sure grew fast! With a full head of soft black curls and chubby cheeks, she is often the object of affection anywhere we take her. At only eight months old, we've already had to turn down two marriage proposals. She is learning new things everyday and it's fun to watch her begin to figure it all out. While Lily haven't quite perfected crawling forward yet - she is excellent at the backwards crawl and she's already working on her break dancing skills by doing a circle crawl as well.

We've gone on lots of adventures including the zoo, the aquarium, wheeler farm, and of course - the park. Lily is a huge fan of the baby swing and feeding the ducks.

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