Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The First Seven Weeks

It's been just over seven weeks since I went from counting kicks to counting fingers and toes, ounces of formula, and toothless little smiles. I remember all the comments about how life will never be the same - and they were right! While it's been a bumpy ride at times, it's also been one amazing adventure as I continue to marvel at this sweet little girl. Lily has grown so much and I can't wait to watch her grow more every day.

In the past seven weeks, Lily has enjoying a lot of 'firsts' including her first holiday, first snowfall, first bath, first zoo visit, and first trip with the Oveson family to a cabin near Zions. Ali's been around for many of the adventures and I know that she already has him wrapped around her little finger. I love to watch them play together, especially when he sings her lullabies in French.

I hope you enjoy the pictures of our fun times together!

The Oveson Family Halloween party: We had some fun costumes this year! We all enjoyed some great homemade soup and the kids had fun decorating cookies.

This year, Lily was our little 'Princess Witch' and we were definitely bewitched by Lily in this cute costume!

Lily and Aidan: Lily has a very special friend, her three-year-old cousin Aidan. He absolutely adores Lily and is always willing to give his favorite stuffed animal, Bunny, to her so she can sleep well. My favorite is those moments when he thinks your not looking and he will stand over Lily and say, 'oh, she's so cute!'

Lily's First Bath: She was a little unsure of this new experience, but now loves it - especially when I wash all those beautiful dark curls!


meg said...

What a beautiful time for you and your family. Glad to hear you're doing well!

mary said...

What a cutie she is!!

Jennie Larsen said...

Lili is adorable and you're looking fabulous, too! I'm glad you're enjoying all these firsts with her!

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