Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Perfect Season: Again

For anyone who knows me, of course you knew this blog was coming. What an awesome season for my Utes ending with a huge win over the TDS! As always, this year was a blast to watch and I had the best time tailgating with friends at several of the games. It was a bit of a tragedy that I could no longer sit in the MUSS, but Matt (my official partner in crime) and I still lost our voices several times watching our Utes complete yet another perfect season.

I can't wait for the BCS bowl . . . GO UTES!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nephew Dates

I've always had a strong desire to be that fun aunt for my 5 little nephews (a 6th is one the way). So awhile back we started what we call, 'Aunt Missy Dates'. Essentially, it's when we all just get to be kids and have a blast! Past dates have included the Utah State Fair, Dinosaur park, Dinosaur Museum, Disney on Ice, Nickelcade, Scarecrow Festival at Thanksgiving Point, and of course the Polar Express. Right now, it's usually the three oldest boys (Zachy, Pres, and Aidan) with me and Matt. I'm sure the younger ones will come along too once they get older.
These dates are typically filled with their own fair share of silly and cute moments that I wish I had time to go into more detail about. . but for now, here two funny little stories and some pics from a few of our adventures.

Utah State Fair: This was our most recent adventure. Unfortunately, Aidan couldn't join us at the last minute and it ended up being Zach, Preston, and myself. The day was full of funny sayings and lots of questions from Preston. We did about everything that fair had to offer from Pony Rides, to fun houses, to finding Star Wars Legos (the boys favorite!). However, my favorite little moment was when I caught Preston just staring at me. I said, "What's up, buddy? What are you looking at?" His reply, "Nothing. I just like you."

Aidan: Last year we went on a very cold adventure to the North Pole on the Polar Express (aka the Heber Creeper). We had Zach, Preston, Aidan, their parents (Mike and Mary, Chad and Marci), myself, and Matt. The whole adventure was quite funny with the boys not knowing whether to cry or hug Santa, and a little 16-year-old Elf flirtin' it up with Matt. I talked to my sister, Marci, just the other day who informed me that Aidan had found his bell from Santa. He told his mom that he had to keep it in his pocket cause Santa 'gived it to him with Aunt Missy'. Aidan is so cute and has an excellent memory! Sounds like we will have to find a new Santa adventure this year as well!

A Bead for Every Occasion

Many of you know of my love for all things beautiful. . .clothes, home decor, men, and of course jewelry. So, instead of going through my ongoing battle with buying jewelry that always broke, I decided to start making my own jewelry a couple years ago with the help of my sister and friend Jamie. We all received so many comments on our creations, that I decided to take it to the next level. In July 2008, A Bead for Every Occasion was born. Today I am excited to announce that our company is now home to 6 amazing artists who all have their own unique style and fun personalities. It's been a bit of a struggle to get the company up and running, and I've made my fair share of missteps - but things just keep getting better and better for us. We sell jewelry online at, are currently looking to sell in local stores, and also host parties at our friends and clients' homes where you can buy a custom design or create one of your own. I'm sure you'll be hearing much more about the company, but for now go check out the designs and enjoy! :)


Welcome to my new blog! I hope you enjoy all my adventures as a outgoing single girl in Utah. You can join with me on my many adventures in living completely on my own (I'm sure there will be many burnt dinners and cleaning adventures), co-owning a company with 5 amazing girls, working as a writer for a national mortgage company, and of course my always crazy dating stories. Throw in some great times with friends, fun with family, and epic 'Aunt Missy' dates and it should make for a good blog. So sit back and enjoy the ride as I continue my journey in learning to live.